Bedroom Music

by Chill Murray

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written and recorded from August 2012 to March 2013. Made with an acoustic guitar and laptop and whatever free DAW i was using that week.


released March 26, 2013



all rights reserved


Chill Murray Fullerton, California

bedrooms. beer. porn. forever.

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Track Name: words
i, never learned
what words
to use
what words
are good
which ones
are bad

i, never cared
to talk
to those
who can't
talk to me
and i don't care
to use
my words
on those
who don't listen

are so rare
so finite
so deafening
i don't
want to
use them
Track Name: foggy night
got high in
the small garage - we talked
about that girl we knew and
that guy who was a creep
fog came around, the grass
was damp, skin was so cold
but you'd never feel it, being
six feet deep.

recorded old acoustic
songs that we wrote awhile back
when we were still a band. it was
nice to play again
so crossfaded, so fucked up
so trashed in the can, even though
we're so different
we're likely to stay friends.
Track Name: october
night swept early
and the bats came and
landed on me
so dark and so earthy
i ate one
my eyes became
weak and wet

the quilt shields me
from the voices
on the tape - and
they whispered nothing
through thudded soft
beats, suffer
my eyes suffer
and be wet

the clouds fill the skies
fill with bats
there are all that is
to eat.
all earth and fur and
all leather all the time
chew the gristle and
choke it down
choke it down. chew the gristle
and choke it down.
Track Name: thursday morning
i am never going to leave
my bed again,
feels like the walls and
ceiling are my only friends,
there is an ache
in my gut i can't stop.
i'll just watch porn
all day and jack off,
can't relate to people
in any normal way,
we all just drink and
pop pills and smoke pot
i try to write stuff down
to do something with myself,
but my lyrics are so shitty
in ways i just can't help,
i just wanna sit down
and drink and rot.

no one ever really loves,
because no one really knows
every movement small and every
breath you take, so perfectly
insignificant, no matter how
many you make.
Track Name: the music that exists
my glasses didn't
fit right and the wart
on my finger keeps
catching on the
guitar string

we kept on
talking but not
listening, it seems
we can't agree
on anything


and i strum my
melodies while
fully blank and
devoid of all thought

every space gets
tighter and wider
all instances wrought
with the music
we all knew existed
Track Name: cool chicks don't dig me
call up all these chicks that i know
to hang out and kick it, come to my show
none of them will ever come near me
alice glass won't call me back
april march thinks i'm on crack
they all think i'm some kind of creep
cat power sends me hate mail
happens overtime without fail

cool chicks don't dig me

carrie brownstein won't let me buy her a drink
karen o says i stink
this guy just can't get a date
the coathangers kicked me outta the party
even though i said i was sorry
this guy can't deal with all the fucking hate
patti smith says i'm too young for her
brody dalle wishes i was a little bit older

call up all these girls
just trying to hang with them
but i'm always left out on the curb
i guess i'm not cool enough
but i'd wish they'd understand
every time it happens it still hurts
Track Name: happy
big black and looming
i see it all over head
tried to keep my
mouth shut but nothing
seems to be helping
i just want to go to bed

i hate the way we talk
and the way you hold yourself
i can't stand when you
tell me to go to hell

i should have made a move
but oh well maybe next time
you tell me there won't be one
you've put it all on the line

i tried real hard to get my
shit together, get my head out of
the sand just so can love me but
you just say, babe, you don't think
you can, i know, i know
you'll be in the end, i know i know
you'll be happy when i'm dead
Track Name: jealousy song
dear old friend
you whine and complain about girls
who can't wait to get their hands on you
all these sluts and whores
all the things you abhor
belly piercings, colored hair, and tattoos
did you ever think
how good it is, how good it is.
Track Name: best friend autumn
i woke up at dusk, waited so long
i had colored stains on my shirt
gonna break through the night, heatless light
my own solstice has begun

never gone wait again (3x) for you

fleshed ripped off in the cool night wind
summer had my heart in a garbage bin